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Welcome To Mike's Blog

Welcome to my own very special corner of the direct-to-consumer and digital landscape, where – for the benefit of several readers - I like to discuss the art and science of D2C (or DTC depending on your preference) and where it intersects with the intricacies of practical retention and loyalty strategies to drive revenue and engagement in today's increasingly complex business landscape. 

What To Expect From My Blog


I’m a big fan of consumer centricity and getting the C-suite to adopt that same attitude. Customer centricity is critical – many companies that sell at retail do not own the end relationship with their consumer. Other companies focus on brand or product versus the person reaching for their wallet. Understanding consumer motivations and leaning into relationships can be a game changer. 

In a world of AI-generated content or attempts to drive more SEO, I hope this blog forms an authentic, human-created journey through the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, exploring the diverse spectrum of best practices and personal experiences that shape the foundation of successful campaigns. 

What's Next

Over time, I will be adding video content and input from thought leaders across a variety of industries. My business is stronger because of my network, so I want to share the words of wisdom from partners I trust and turn to when I want to keep informed and inspired.


I love to write based on my own experiences in business and leadership in the hope of inspiring and mentoring others. I've been lucky to have great counsel throughout my career, so I hope this adds value to your journey. Let me know what you think.

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