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Business-to-Business Solutions

The business-to-business landscape has never been more complicated. Quality introductions are harder to find, sales cycles are longer, and ghosting is increasingly common. We provide full-funnel services from fractional sales leadership to GTM planning, Rev Ops, Sales Enablement, content, creative, and training to design, and deliver solutions targeted for today's B2B needs

Business Meeting

Fractional Sales Leadership

We provide CRO and sales leadership, insights, and practical advice for companies of all sizes - from helping you evolve from Founder Sales limitations to developing full enterprise-level solutions

  • Ideal Client Profile creation targeted to your vertical and business maturity stage

  • GTM planning to campaign execution

  • Data and analytics 

  • Revenue Forecasting and modeling

  • Pipeline management

  • Sales Enablement, onboarding, and training

  • Systems, processes, and tech-stacks 

Account Development and Client Success

Maximizing Monthly Recurring Revenue has never been more essential to growth. We provide proven tactics and tools to target account growth, maximize LTV, and minimize churn

  • Retention and growth campaigns targeted to optimize the full marketing funnel

  • Content and creative  

  • Partnership alignment across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success

  • Reporting and insights on where to focus efforts for maximum return

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"Ridgewell is one of the best in the biz - if you have the opportunity to work with Mike or meet him at a conference, do it!"

Dan Krolczyk, CreatorUp

"Under Mike's leadership, CreatorUp was able to enhance its marketing efforts, resulting in accelerated revenue growth. With his guidance, the Marketing team was able to correctly identify different personas and optimize all marketing channels by effectively communicating the value proposition across paid media, email marketing, newsletters and conference outreach. Within the first 2 years of his tenure, the company was able to increase its lead generation by 3x."

Markos Kiosseoglou, CreatorUp

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