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Speaking, Panels and Workshops, Oh My

Mike Ridgewell is not just available for all consulting engagements great and small, he also enjoys the opportunity to share his over 30 years of experience in different environments, from hosting interactive workshops to speaking engagements and hosting or taking part in panels. His sessions are known for being highly entertaining, informative, engaging, and packed with actionable takeaways for audiences at all levels. 

MIke Ridgewell gives a keynote at the Lake Tahoe Brand Marketers Summit

Speaking Engagements

Whether I'm drawing on my early years in DTC from the UK, my corporate experience running teams at Disney during amazing times from the heyday of home entertainment and the acquisition of Marvel and Star Wars, or my journey as a consultant over the last four years, I've always enjoyed sharing my experiences. Get in touch and I can share more, including the rave reviews received and the range of topics that can be discussed.

Mike giving a Keynote at the Lake Tahoe Brand Marketer Summit 

Panel Moderation & Participation

Panels should be fun and engaging for the audience. As a panel moderator, I like to make sure that the experience is as entertaining as it is insightful, to make sure the audience is engaged. As a panelist, I like to put myself in the audience's shoes and tell stories that will hopefully inspire. Either way, it's time to make panels exciting again. Let's discuss how we can add some spice to your next event. 

Mike Ridgewell and Denis Hure are on the panel at Loyalty CXM in Beverly Hills 2023

Mike moderated a panel at the Loyalty CXM event with Denis Hure of Reward The World


Strategy | Growth | Loyalty | Sales Training | Rev Ops | Sales Enablement 

I love workshops. Helping clients ideate their DTC and loyalty strategies in real time with the full engagement and participation of the team can be a magical experience. The collaboration that workshops offer helps get a team invested emotionally into an initiative, plus the outcome can be game-changing versus planning in isolation or silos. Depending on client needs and the business outcome sought, workshops can be held virtually or face-to-face from half-day, full-day, or 2 to 3-day sessions.​

YouTube Speaking And Panel Sampler

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