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Strategic Partnerships

At Denmark Street Marketing, we are committed to providing effective and actionable marketing strategies and solutions to help businesses achieve their goals. With years of experience on the client-side, our team has worked with a range of partners and agencies, giving us the know-how to create strong, results-driven campaigns and how to pick the right strategic partner to deliver results. We know what works and what doesn't, which means we can provide you with the guidance and support you need to make your business thrive. Here are a few of our favourite collaborators. 

Oliver Norman is CEO of In Digital

Ollie Norman

SPIKA is a creative technology agency that offers clients leading-edge customer engagement solutions and data platforms through the Spotlight NEON platform. NEON is software that builds relationships, allowing brands to connect with their consumers and own the relationship. Mike first worked with SPIKA when they built the Disney Movie Rewards loyalty platform globally. They also worked together on Fandango VIP+ and Focus Features Insider.

UK/EMEA Technology

Johan Bjorklund is CEO of

Johan Bjorklund

Strategy & Media

Loyalty and Rewards

Mike first met Denis at the Beverly Hills Loyalty CXM Summit, where they bonded over the growing need for a fresh perspective in the increasingly commoditized loyalty and rewards space. Denis is CEO of Reward The World, a global platform that provides tools to increase sales conversion, reward loyalty, through to recognizing and rewarding the efforts of teams and employees. 

In Digital is a next-generation performance-based growth agency that balances data and creativity to bring a refreshing new approach to clients in the US and EMEA. In Digital works with ambitious and world-leading brands, embedding performance marketers, data scientists, and creatives into their organizations because insourcing beats outsourcing: delivering to the highest standards with all the benefits of an agency and an in-house team.

As a world-class executive coach and facilitator, Mitch Lippman has helped leaders and teams in organizations of all sizes succeed with his insightful and high EQ style. Mike has worked personally with Mitch on executive leadership and change management, and can wholeheartedly recommend him based on results. Mitch also ran DSM strategic planning sessions leveraging LEGO Serious Play - a highly recommended innovation workshop tool.

Mitch Lippman is CEO of the Mitch Lippman Group

Mitch Lippman

Coaching & Facilitation

Mark Zawrotny is CEO of Solinox Consulting

Mitch Lippman

Coaching & Facilitator

Mark Zawrotny

Finance | FP&A

Mike met Mark Zawrotny at Fandango, where Mark proved to be an excellent partner and ambassador between Marketing, FInance, and Product teams to unlock better fiscal planning and performance reporting. Mark now runs Solinox Consulting, specializing in Fractional Financial Planning and analysis (FP&A), Cost Optimization, and Process Improvements for clients of all sizes.

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