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About Denmark Street Marketing

Denmark Street Marketing is a customer loyalty and retention strategy team led by Mike Ridgewell, bringing a client-side view to a consulting model focused on consumer engagement and retention to boost lifetime value.

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We Offer Strategic Solutions For Your DTC Marketing Success

Marketing Accountability 


We know the C-suite and boards are increasingly looking for marketers to be more accountable as drivers of revenues and profits. We help you make this happen - we've been in our clients' shoes and we treat engagements accordingly.


Data & Personalization


We understand the importance of data-driven storytelling, and the need to increase revenues and profitability through relevant, personalized experiences along the consumer journey.

Consumer Centricity


We are experts in engagement marketing who specialize in balancing the journeys of new and recurring customers to develop and grow mutually beneficial relationships and emotional connections.  

Why This Matters


Happy customers mean more sales, more referrals, and less churn. Higher LTV means more revenue from your existing customer base, but it also brings acquisition cost advantages, fueling expansion opportunities.


  • State of California Small Business Certified ID 2036580

  • Local Small Business Enterprise Preference Program for Los Angeles County ID 214564

The foundation of Denmark Street Marketing started in 2020 when Mike was offered the opportunity to consult on the building of a new entertainment industry program and support expanding companies looking for fractional CMO services.


The Importance Of Consumer Centricity

Following the success of these early projects, Mike started Denmark Street Marketing to bring a high-quality yet affordable solution to help companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 boost LTV by creating deeper relationships with their customers.


Retention + Growth = More Profitability

Focusing on consumer retention and growth has never been more important, so we aim to bring the right-sized blend of talent and resources for clients frustrated with cookie-cutter solutions and big agency fees. Mike leads our consulting projects and then pulls in our network of subject matter experts and partners as needed. This plug-and-play model enables our clients to create solutions tailored to their requirements.


Want to see how we think? Check out our Blog.

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Meet The Team

Mike Ridgewell

Mike Ridgewell

Founder & CEO

David Barad is an advisor for DSM and helps with eCommerce strategy and execution

David Barad

Advisor, Strategy and eCommerce

Andy Haskins leads creative and content for DSM

Andy Haskins

Creative & Content

Matt McCurdy

Matt McCurdy

B2B | CRO | Rev Ops

Jim Gomes

Jim Gomes

Supply Chain | Procurement

Alyssa Merritt

Alyssa Merritt

Strategy & Data

Natalia Irragori supports business development and marketing initiatives for DSM

Natalia Iraggori

Marketing and Business Development

Sue Ridgewell leads FInance and Operations for DSM

Suzanne Ridgewell

Finance & Operations

Dan Sperring

Dan Sperring

B2B | Ideal Client Profile

Kate Ridgewell

Kate Ridgewell

Team Support

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