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Business-to-Consumer Solutions

Authentic relationships with customers are more important than ever. In today’s fragmented marketing landscape, connecting with consumers in personal, relevant ways can be key to developing long-term, profitable relationships. With decades of client-side experience, we know how to help in the most efficient and effective ways. 

Strategic Planning

It all starts with a plan. We leverage data and insights to define growth strategies to supercharge your marketing based on your specific goals and needs

  • North Star planning

  • Integrated omnichannel acquisition strategies 

  • Retention strategies for LTV - loyalty & CRM

  • Campaigns to boost emotional engagement 

  • Customer journey management

  • Data, insights, and next best actions

  • P&L/ROI modeling

  • Strategic alliances and partnerships

  • Competitive reviews

  • Presentations to leadership and boards

Practical Execution

Once our plan is in place, we focus on action and impact. We can do the work, integrate with your existing agencies, or support and mentor your team to make everything happen

  • Acquisition and Activation

  • Retention-specific lifecycle, and CRM

  • Loyalty program design, execution, and refinement

  • Vendor and partner sourcing

  • eCommerce and retail

  • Offers and promotions

  • Video and content

  • Creative and messaging

  • Logistics and customer care

Business Office Meeting
Business Meeting

Fractional Leadership

Leverage decades of client-side and agency experience to maximize results, minimize learning curves, and deepen the bench of your team

  • Fractional marketing, data, and sales talent

  • Improved goal-setting and outcome focus

  • RFP & Procurement support

  • Talent and vendor evaluation and sourcing

  • Mentorship and training

  • Workshops and ideation sessions

  • Advisory roles

  • Speaking, podcasts, and panels 


I had the pleasure of working with Mike at Disney for over a decade. During this time, Mike successfully launched, nurtured and grew the Disney Movie Rewards loyalty program from the ground up. He was a highly collaborative partner who consistently leveraged the voice of the consumer to improve and evolve DMR. His expertise was instrumental in establishing acquisition and retention strategies, leading to 14MM engaged and satisfied members that delivered measurable incremental ROI. If you are looking for the best in loyalty, look no further than Mike!

Jim Bowman, Cofounder of Emerge Insights and former SVP at Disney

"Mike is a terrific collaborator. I have the very highest regard for Mike. He can take anyone's business, quickly understand it, and immediately offer real-time solutions for growing, expanding, and building one's ROI, Can't say enough. Mike is truly a champ."

Marc Reintjes, Consultant

"My association with Mike dates back to our ventures at Disney, where we strived to craft “magical” experiences for film aficionados. Mike is a commendable choice if you seek to explore the latest strategic and tactical marketing avenues. Having navigated projects alongside Mike, I can vouch for the ingenuity that Denmark Street Marketing is poised to bring to your marketing strategy and execution."

Jim Gomes, Pacific Community Ventures

"Simply put, Mike is amazing! I've had the pleasure of working with Mike since early 2020 at 3 tier logic, collaborating on several projects and teams. I have consistently been in awe of Mike's ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas, even people who were initially on completely different pages."

Zoe Yoxall, 3 tier logic

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