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Denmark Street Marketing offers loyalty and retention solutions

Retention Marketing Solutions 

Boost Lifetime Value Through Deeper Relationships With Your Customers

Customer Loyalty and Retention Marketing Solutions Targeted to Your Needs

Connecting with your customers and clients on a more meaningful level has never been more important. My experience growing lifetime value (LTV) and relationships can help accelerate your business success by solving the problems within the problems to work out what levers really need to be pulled for revenue impact. 

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Hi, I'm Mike Ridgewell. My team and I bring a client-side take on solving your retention and growth strategy needs. We know the typical frustrations with consultants and agencies as we've been in your shoes, so we treat you as we want to be treated.

30+ Years B2C Direct-to-Consumer Experience

I've built and run direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses and loyalty programs for both startups and Fortune 500 companies, including The Walt Disney Company. I now help Denmark Street Marketing clients do the same.


Your Secret Weapon For Growth

I've led digital marketing and lifecycle teams to help companies attract, engage, and grow relationships with customers. I can be your partner and ally from planning, making business cases for growth, aligning stakeholders, building contact strategies, and training teams through to making it all happen.  


Business-to-Business Is Now Business-To-People

Clients have found my B2C skills bring a different perspective to their B2B needs. I create GTM strategies, identify ideal client profiles and new verticals, maximize brand visibility, optimize marketing funnels from lead generation to retention, lean into customer success, and establish better working cross-team partnerships between marketing, sales, and rev-ops.

Healthtex offers self care health solutions with the Neoqura brand
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In Digital is a premier UK-based digital agency
NZTE offers Norh American advice to New Zealand companies
RTW is an EMEA based loyalty marketing platform
IASP provides clean water through Mamas Agua Sand
Supacolor is a premium provider of heat transfers
CreatorUp is a video marketplace and AI tool
DIsney Movie Rewards is now Disney Movie Insiders
Fandango sells movie tickets
Birchstreet offers SaaS tools for the Hospitality industry
3 tier logic offers first-party data solutions to clients
Connector is a UK-based SaaS HR solution
Spika is a top UK loyalty platform
Lenox China launched in the UK as Brooks and Bentley
Franklin Mint was the world's top collectible company

What We Do

Business-to-Consumer SOLUTIONS

Customer journey-focused retention,

loyalty and growth strategies made simple and actionable 

Busines-to-business SOLUTIONS

Client-focused acquisition, customer success, sales enablement, procurement insights, and CRO 

Our Specialities


We help clarify and reimagine your customer loyalty, retention and growth objectives, from DTC to digital transformation


We help you forge deeper connections with consumers to boost LTV and profitability


We create lifecycle, loyalty, and digital campaigns focused on data and impact 


We provide the know-how, talent and tools to make it all happen

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