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Strategic Partnerships

We have collaborated with an amazing array of partners, vendors, and other resources over the years and we recommend only those of the highest calibre to help companies achieve their goals. Here are some of our favorites.

Oliver Norman is CEO of In Digital

Ollie Norman

Strategy / Media

In Digital

Johan Bjorklund

UK/EMEA Technology

Johan Bjorklund is CEO of
Rob Craig os CEO of 3 tier logic

Rob Craig

US/Canada Technology

3 tier logic

Mitch Lippman

Coaching & Facilitator

Mitch Lippman Group
Mitch Lippman is CEO of the Mitch Lippman Group
Mark Zawrotny is CEO of Solinox Consulting

Mitch Lippman

Coaching & Facilitator

Mark Zawrotny

Finance | FP&A

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